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About Us

The Chiropractic Health Clinic is open to everyone in Hamilton and surrounding areas!

Welcome to The Chiropractic Health Clinic!

Chiropractic Care for all Ages!

Dr Hehir (chiropractor) proudly states that Chiropractic Health Clinic is open to everyone: the very young, the not-so-young, those enduring a physical crisis and those seeking a natural alternative to spinal health. Such is his passion for chiropractic that Dr Hehir (chiropractor) wants everyone to share the benefits.

Our Goal at Chiropractic Health Clinic

At Chiropractic Health Clinic, it is our goal to provide natural care without the use of medicines that are causing more long lasting damage than society recognises.

We See You as Unique

At Chiropractic Health Clinic, we see you as an individual with a unique set of needs and we see chiropractic as a system of health care that is different from medical care alone. If your bodily structure (spine) is unbalanced or is not straight or true, you may feel pain. We may be able to help.

Integrated Approach to Your Chiropractic Needs

Dr Hehir’s (chiropractor) knowledge and experience is vast having owned and run large clinics in Australia, America and London. As your Hamilton chiropractor, we provide an integrated approach to your chiropractic needs. We believe chiropractic care is an important aspect of caring for many spinal problems, but we also recognise the importance of adding the expertise in nutrition, exercise and massage.

Sound interesting? Please contact our Hamilton chiropractic practice to make an appointment.